Aussie prof challenges “invasion biologists” on their own turf

Compassionate Conservation is an emerging multi-disciplinary field that considers the individuals of a species have value.  Rather than focusing on threatened and invasive species, Compassionate Conservation considers the Anthropocene (when humans dominate) is continuing to evolve and introduced and native species are evolving with it. Conventional conservation views any species whose presence might challenge the ordained “natives” are thereafter persecuted as “invasive,” even if the habitat has changed so much that the “invasive” species are better suited than the “natives” to surviving there. “It is possible to protect brumbies without abandoning takhis” “Protecting megafauna in their introduced range can supplement… Continue reading

Cultural Meanings of Wild Horses

From The Conversation, excerpts from an article by Michael Adams (University of Wollongong) on the Cultural Meanings of Wild Horses…. “The Kosciuszko wild horses are also tangled within the embedded idiosyncrasies and contradictions of the largest national park in New South Wales. Here there are protected populations of two species of invasive fish (brown and rainbow trout) that are demonstrably responsible for local extinctions of native fish and frog species; a gigantic hydro-electric scheme with dominant infrastructure across large areas of the park; and expanding ski resorts where it is possible to buy lodges. Much of the landscape that is… Continue reading

Meet the CANA Foundation – “Horses, Humans, Habitat”

CANA Foundation exists to support a sustainable environment with specific emphasis on the connections between America’s Wild Horses, their value for our habitat and Land Conservation, and the impact that has on our future.Cana shows support for Native Communities in an effort to acknowledge their understanding and reverence for nature and the horse, allowing the Rewilding of native lands and all peoples. These important actions allow a shift in education and awareness globally for land conservation and the importance of Rewilding of our planet and humans. Through our Giving Wheel we create a continuous commitment to education,  action and inspiration to enable others to move CANA… Continue reading

March Brumby Bridges available now!

The March 2014 issue of the ABA Newsletter is now available in pdf format from our ABA Newsletter page. In this Issue: Comments on current Wild Horse Management Reviews   ABA Website development Member News Australian Brumby Challenge Learned Helplessness in Horses Clinics and Tours Rewilding Europe Continue reading

Wild Konik horses helping in conservation parks

Wild Konik horses have been brought to England to help manage vegetation growth in a nature reserve in Kent.   Wildwood Nature Reserve is 40 acres of woodland and home to over 200 native animals. The horses, originally from Poland display a range of characteristics of the primitive Tarpan horses, however, DNA evidence does not show a close relationship.  Koniks were previously established Holland as part of the Rewilding Europe program and some of these were brought to England by the Wildwood Trust. A grim part of the Konik horse story is their exploitation by the Nazi regime who sought to… Continue reading