Australian Brumby Challenge

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Run by the Victorian Brumby Association since 2013, the Australian Brumby Challenge demonstrates that Australian Brumbies are capable of being outstanding riding horses.

Australian Brumby Challenge

Australian Brumby Challeng Facebook Page

Professional and non-professional horse trainers are invited to apply for a competition spot and, if selected, are given a virtually un-handled Brumby to train over 150 days. Progress is posted on the ABC website and Facebook pages leading up to the ABC Finals which are now held at Equitana in Melbourne.

There are two streams of competition, yearling in-hand and ridden (for horses 4 years old and over). The Finals include four classes: McDowells Make Over (physical condition), Handling and Round Pen, Pattern, Obstacles and the Free Style.

Following the Finals, the Brumbies are auctioned. Bidders must register in advance and are vetted to ensure the welfare of the Brumby.

The welfare of the Brumby and safety of the trainers are paramount and trainers must adhere to strict guidelines.

View the video below of the 2016 Challenge at Equitana in Melbourne to see how it comes together ! Or visit the ABC website by clicking the button at the top of the page.

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