ABA does not condone threats of violence – Letter to Matt Kean MP

In response to threats of the violence on social media to to the NSW Minister for Energy and Environment, ABA has written to the Minister on our position to such behaviour. Read On or download the full letter :  ABA to Mat Kean agro wrong 29-Jul-20final The Hon. Matt Kean, NSW Minister for Energy and Environment Via https://www.nsw.gov.au/nsw-government/ministers/minister-for-energy-and-environment And hornsby@parliament.nsw.gov.au Dear Hon. Matt Kean, The Australian Brumby Alliance Inc. (ABA) advocates for the recognition, management, preservation and welfare of Australian Wild Horses in agreed, managed numbers to live in areas which they have historically evolved for 150-200 years. The ABA… Continue reading

Vic Legislative Council passes motion to cease shooting Brumbies in National Parks

From Bill Tiley MP (3 June 2020) THE AYES HAVE IT … Late today the Legislative Council in the Parliament of Victoria moved and passed a motion to cease the Labor Government and Parks Victoria’s policy of shooting Brumbies in our National Parks. It is a significant step for all of us who have fought to save these iconic high-country horses. This vote in effect says and sends a very clear message to both the Labor Government and Parks Victoria to get back to the table and engage and consult with Victorians. To engage and consult with the organisations who… Continue reading