ABA Media Release – Correction to Reclaim Kosci Statements 22-May-20

Read on or download/View the full Media Release:  ABA Media Release – Reclaim Kosci Correction On 8th May 2020 the Federal Court rejected Australian Brumby Alliance (ABA) vs Parks Victoria Court case to prevent Parks Victoria exterminating the entire Bogong High Plains Brumby heritage population or significantly reduce East VicAlp Brumby numbers. Justice O’Bryan concluded “having regard to the foregoing factors, on balance I do not consider that the proposed Action is likely to have a significant impact on this National Heritage value. While there will be some impact …… the retention of a significant population of brumbies in the… Continue reading

Parks Victoria Push Rehoming Group to flout CONVID-19 restrictions

Ms Pickering, President, Australian Brumby Alliance (ABA) is “horrified at Parks Victoria’s (PV)selfish actions to trap and transport three Brumbies from Mt. Nelse to a Brumby rescue’s nearby collection point after Professor Sutton’s (https://www.google.com/amp/amp.abc.net.au/article/12099294) clear warning to all Victorians to “Do the right thing now and stay at home today, tomorrow, until we’re through this, please” and “If you are flouting rules, you will be punished.” It is inconceivable, continued Ms Pickering, that Parks Victoria has trapped these three Brumbies, then dropped them at a temporary holding point with no feed to tide them over for the period we are… Continue reading

From fire to bloodbath – Reclaim Kosci desire to prolong KNP’s suffering

ABA Media release: Monday 20-January-2020 From fire to bloodbath – Reclaim Kosci desire to prolong KNP’s suffering The Australian Brumby Alliance (ABA) is very disappointed to see the further depths the Invasive Species Council’s (ISC) Reclaim Kosci has sunk to in its kill Brumbies crusade with renewed calls for NSW government to take action to protect Kosciuszko National Park from post fires feral horse grazing with an effective, humane and science-based management plan. Reclaim Kosci’s action is odd and in contempt given that Kosciuszko National Park Wild Horse Heritage Act 2018 Scientific and Community Advisory panels are already developing an… Continue reading