ABA response to 4 Corner 21 Feb 2022 Program

“The battle over Australia’s brumbies intensifies in a clash of culture, colonialism and conservation” airedby Four Corners late February 2022 contained beautiful scenery and majestic wild Horses, views from sidesof the Brumby debate, but their focus on aggression hijacked the program’s attempt at “balance”. A responsible approach is to lower aggression through calm, rational debate around the SAME TABLE hasresulted in workable solution, such as for New Zealand’s Kaimanawa Heritage Horses management. Victoria’s Deer Control Strategy (VDCS) Vic 2020 long term vision is that: Deer are no longer significantlyimpacting on priority environmental, agricultural and Aboriginal cultural heritage values and public… Continue reading

Brumby re-homing policy ‘airy fairy’ say volunteers removing wild horses from national parks

ABC Goulburn Murray news features ABA member group Hoofs2010 in this article on re-homing Volunteers wanting to remove and re-home more of Australia’s wild horses from national parks are calling for more government support. Both the New South Wales and Victorian governments last year adopted plans to reduce wild horse numbers with a focus on re-homing and high animal welfare outcomes, where possible. Volunteers eager to re-home horses have said their skills should be better utilised under the states’ latest plans. They are calling for help in the form of funding or in-kind support which would allow them to take more horses… Continue reading

ABA Summer Newsletter OUT NOW !

In this issue: President’s Chat Member News ABA Response to KNP Horse Management Plan ABA Response to Parks Victoria Announcement to Shoot How to Measure if an Animal is Now Native New Member – White Alpine Equine Wild Horses Have Complex Social Groups Plus photos and gift ideas….. Continue reading

Indigenous custodians divided over the fate of wild horses in Kosciuszko National Park

Opinions are divided amongst Ngarigo custodians, whose traditional lands occupy Kosciuszko National Park, about a proposal to manage wild horses in the NSW high country. University of Sydney Professor and Ngarigo woman Jakelin Troy wants zero horses in the park, but as a horse lover herself she can appreciate why the issue has caused so much debate. The most recent survey found there were more than 14,000 brumbies in the park, But some don’t agree, believing the numbers to be much lower after the Black Summer bushfires. “They’re only plucking numbers out of mid-air,” says Andrew Wilesmith, who is a member of the… Continue reading

Draft Kosciuszko National Park Wild Horse Management Plan released for community consultation

On Friday October 1st the NSW Government released the draft Kosciuszko National Park Wild Horse Heritage Management Plan (draft plan) with a community consultation period until the 2nd of November. The draft plan was prepared to meet the requirements of the Kosciuszko Wild Horse Heritage Act 2018. The Australian Brumby Alliance (ABA) has the following response to the draft plan. Overall, the ABA acknowledges this draft plan is a change in direction from previous plans and we are grateful for the more balanced approached. Whilst there is still much work to be done to protect our Heritage Brumby for future… Continue reading