ABA Member Groups

The Australian Brumby Alliance is an umbrella organisation representing the following member organisations. For more information please read: Why the ABA was formed in 2009.

Australian Brumby Horse Register

The Australian Brumby Horse Register is a a national register which records and promotes authentic Brumbies.

More than that, it is a way of helping to preserve the bloodlines and the heritage of this tough, sturdy animal that developed through natural selection in the wild over many decades. 


Bluewater Brumbies Inc.

Bluewater Brumbies logoBluewater Brumbies Inc. was formed by members of the Bluewater Park and Bluewater communities to find sustainable and humane ways to manage the wild horse population in the area. We believe these horses deserve better than the inhumane treatment they have been subject to in the past.

We aim to: Stop Protect Resolve


Coffin Bay Brumby Preservation Society

The Coffin Bay Brumby Association and its dedicated members are devoted to protecting and helping to find suitable homes for these magnificent creatures. Brumbies have been evicted from their homelands, more than once and have endured endless backlash from the Government and environmental groups to remove them from their environment. Despite the pleas from local communities, brumbies were either removed from the area or exterminated under the parks and wildlife ‘pest control’ program of the 1970s.

Today the brumbies run freely at Brumbies Run with as little human contact as possible. They are thriving in a wild, yet a secure and fenced environment along the coast of the Kellidie Bay in the beautiful town of Coffin Bay.


Friends of Wild Horses Australia

Brumby horses in Australia need a voice to speak up for their welfare and stop cruelty by whoever inflicts it and wherever they live.. let’s try and support all the Brumbies and those people truly working towards protecting them.


Heritage Brumby Advocates Australia

Heritage Brumby Advocates Australia Inc.
advocating for the humane treatment, preservation and protection of the Australian heritage brumby


HOOFS2010 – Helping Our Old Friends Survive

Since 2010, HOOFS2010 has worked to advocate, rescue and preserve Australia’s wild Heritage Brumbies who otherwise would be slaughtered or euthanized. We aim to find an environmentally responsible solution that includes Brumby populations that are managed for future generations to enjoy in their natural home.

We also strive to save Brumbies removed from the wild and ensure a sound sustainable future by recording and following each rescue for life. Our Berrigan Sanctuary currently sits on 10 acres, we have rescued over 150 Brumbies from all over Australia.

HOOFS2010 is a registered Australian charity, our work is completely funded by donations generously given by people and businesses from all over the world. 

Website: https://www.hoofs2010incorporated.com/
FaceBook: (20+) Hoofs2010 inc Brumby Rescue | Facebook
HOOFS2010 Inc, PO Box 86, Berrigan NSW 2712, Ph: 0401 527 991

Kaimanawa Heritage Horses

Kaimanawa Heritage Horses is a charitable society run by a volunteer group of passionate horse people; dedicated to the care and welfare of Kaimanawa horses both domestically and in the wild.

We are advocates for the horses and work closely with the Department of Conservation and other interested groups on the welfare and future of the Kaimanawa horses in the wild. Prior to each muster we search for suitable homes and complete home-checks to place as many horses as possible. We actively support our members and their domestic Kaimanawa horses through our Welfare team, Area Reps, magazine, education and training, Annual Shows and Ribbon Days.


Save the Brumbies

The principal aims of Save The Brumbies Inc. are:

– To see humane, controlled management and the abolition of shooting of wild horses in national parks and public lands Australia wide.
– To maintain the unique genetics of the brumby for future generations.
– To ensure no captured horses be consigned to sale yards or abattoirs.
– To establish permanent wild horse sanctuaries as a fitting memorial to those Guy Fawkes horses that were slaughtered so cruelly. This will forever be a black mark in Australian history.
– Where possible to run adoption programs so that the public can home one or more of these horses.
– To see legislative changes, in line with other nations who value their wild horses, (in the US the Mustang has been protected for over thirty years) as the only viable, long term solution; thus giving the Australian Brumby protection into the future.


South East Queensland Brumby Association Inc

SEQ Brumby Association rescues and rehomes brumbies destined for slaughter when they are being culled from public land.


Victorian Brumby Association

Formed in 2007 after several years of informal Brumby rescue, the Victorian Brumby Association has three key aims. 

1. Firstly, to rescue and home Brumbies caught from the wild on public lands. 
2. Our second aim is to lobby against and work with the government agencies who are tasked with managing Brumbies in their home ranges. 
3. Lastly, we aim to educate the public in two ways 
– about the sometimes dire situation that Brumbies in the wild face and the threats they are up against (mostly human) 
– and also about what wonderful horses they make when domesticated with kindness.


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