Meet Our Members

A beach outing of the Victorian Brumby Association with VBA Wattle, VB Anzac and VBA AuroraWhile ABA does not dictate how individual wild horse member groups operate, membership is contingent upon the group having consistent/similar objectives to ABA principles and activities and preferably a ‘not for profit’ status.

To be a full member of the ABA the group must be an ‘incorporated’ organisation and have a Constitution that is consistent/similar to the principles/activities for the ABA constitution and preferably have a ‘not for profit’ status.

Each Full member group is entitled to one vote.

The ABA Committee may from time to time accept other groups as a member under the The Annual Auction of Coffin Bay yearling Brumbiescategory of Associate Member with no voting rights.  Such groups must be an ‘incorporated’ organisation and be supportive of ABA principles, activities and preferably have a ‘not for profit’ status.

Our Members are listed below and you can view further information by clicking on their name or via our Links Page.


Adopting a Brumby from the South East Queensland Brumby Association

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