Sponsor a Wild Horse

The following ABA member organisations look after horses that cannot be easily adopted, for example, due to medical conditions, injuries or age. Sponsorship donations go towards necessary feed and vet costs and other essential expenses.

Kaimanawa Wild Horses

Kaimanawa Heritage Horses is run on donations from the public and time from volunteers and we appreciate any assistance offered to us. We currently have 18 horses in our care who are all welfare cases from previous musters. We guarantee to look after every horse that comes out of the ranges into domestic life.

Some of these horses will be with us for life due to their ages, health issues or previous histories while others are only temporary residents until we can find them a family of their own.

Several of these horses are lucky enough to have permanent sponsors who regularly contribute to their costs and in return get a regular rundown on their progress.

Save the Brumbies

Enjoy a personal relationship with your own heritage brumby horse – become a proud VIP Sponsor and help a Horse in need.

We need your help with our special disadvantaged horses. Horses needing sponsorship are listed below.

In high level care they reside at our Bellingen NSW Sanctuary – orphan foals, traumatised and injured horses, all deserving of a chance at life.

Quiet, well handled, they love visitors, cuddles ‘n carrots.

Our horses are never ‘disposed’ of through sale/slaughter yards, all are treated equally.

South East Queensland Brumby Association

We are looking for homes for our brumbies with people who have experience with horses, preferably who own at least one other horse, have a round yard, are patient and kind, and willing to provide a “forever” home. We welcome donations and sponsorship to support these wonderful horses until their new home is found.

Victorian Brumby Association

As we take in new mares, fillies, stallions and colts each year we are looking for sponsors to name these beauties. 

If you are interested in sponsoring one of our Brumbies please contact us.

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