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Formed in 2008 by a number of wild horse rescue organisations throughout Australia, the Australian Brumby Alliance (ABA) is concerned with the promotion, protection and humane management of Australian Wild Brumby horses. The objectives of the Association include :

  • Further the welfare and wellbeing of Australian Brumbies;
  • Promote Brumby heritage values to governments, their agents and the community;
  • Advocate for non lethal humane methods of controlling excess Brumby numbers where ever there are reasonable alternatives to pursue;
  • Lobby governments for secure long-term land allocations for Brumbies to continue living and evolving in their wild state;
  • Facilitate information exchange, networking and support for member group activities; and
  • Raise funds on a national scale to support Australian Brumby welfare and heritage. g) To seek legislative changes to protect Australian Wild Horse

Member groups include some of the biggest state wild horse rescue charities and associations in Australia. Support group members include a number of other equine welfare organisations.

Where possible, we aim to work with governments and other organisations such as the RSPCA and Animals Australia to achieve our goals.

ABA is a registered animal welfare charity that is run by a Management Committee with representatives from each our our member groups.  We are funded by membership fees and public donations.

The ABA Newsletter, Brumby Bridges provides a quarterly snapshot of the activities of ABA and its members.  It is available for downloading from this website.

In the 2018 Spring Edition of Brumby Bridges, we present the history of the ABA over its first 10 years.

Further information about us can be found in:

ABA is a member of the Wild Equus Network (WEN) and is a Registered Charity

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