There are many viewpoints and debates about wild horses and it is important that the positive facts and arguments regarding wild horses are clearly articulated and heard.  We strive to inform the general public, media and governments about this information and promote Brumbies via:

  • our Website, Social Media and ABA Information Papers
  • Information Booths, Open Days, Horse Handling Clinics
  • Showcasing Brumby Horses at ABHR events and the Australian Brumby Challenge.

Our information is sourced from expertise within the ABA as well as from outside the organisation.   We keep up to date with wild horse and animal welfare developments and we constantly review the scientific, historical and social literature.

From our collective knowledge, we are developing a range of ABA Information Papers to present alternative views on Brumby management to counter the cadre of invasive species biology thinking that is generally found on national park and environmental websites, scientific literature and the media.

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