MEDIA RELEASE Treasury Gardens Melbourne 5 May 2021 at 11am Speakers from 10 National Brumby Groups and Spoken messages from 3 International Brumby Support Groups from The United States and Ireland. Song led by Graeme Padgett of Barmah who is told to shut down his horse trail riding after 30 years,that provides support to disadvantaged children and reintroduces indigenous children to country. Charlie Lovick who will join us from the High Country 4th generation cattleman, his horse ridden in the film “The Man From Snowy River”. At 1pm the attendees, led by a ridden Brumby will file in chanting to… Continue reading

Don’t scapegoat Brumbies when Humans primarily impact the Alpine ecology

Australian Brumby Alliance Media Release 26-January 2021 The Australian Brumby Alliance (ABA) agrees with Clive Hamilton’s opening words in the Canberra Times highlighting human and climate damage across our land and that if Zoos save the corroboree frog, broad tooth rat, stocky galaxias, alpine skink etc. for re-wilding; they still face a “frog-killing fungus of mysterious origins as one threat” and “climate change heating up its sub-alpine habitat”. Our native species survived alongside wild horse populations for 200 years. But now Brumbies are touted as a key threat. Any wild horse impacts pale into insignificance compared to altered waer regulation… Continue reading

ABA Media Release – Correction to Reclaim Kosci Statements 22-May-20

Read on or download/View the full Media Release:  ABA Media Release – Reclaim Kosci Correction On 8th May 2020 the Federal Court rejected Australian Brumby Alliance (ABA) vs Parks Victoria Court case to prevent Parks Victoria exterminating the entire Bogong High Plains Brumby heritage population or significantly reduce East VicAlp Brumby numbers. Justice O’Bryan concluded “having regard to the foregoing factors, on balance I do not consider that the proposed Action is likely to have a significant impact on this National Heritage value. While there will be some impact …… the retention of a significant population of brumbies in the… Continue reading


MEDIA ALERT FEDERAL COURT GIVES GO AHEAD FOR VICTORIA’S ALPINE BRUMBIES TO BE ANNIHILATED Friday 8th May 2020 Main stories: 1. Today in the Federal Court of Australia at Melbourne, the Australian Brumby Alliance (ABA) has lost its attempt to save Victoria’s Alpine Brumbies in a landmark case against Parks Victoria. Case: Australian Brumby Alliance Inc v Parks Victoria. Federal Court Case No.: VID1569/2018. 2. Parks Victoria now intends to start “ground shooting” Brumbies in (an activity that Parks Victoria acknowledges is unpopular in the community, and an activity that its existing management plan expressly promises will not occur) for… Continue reading

Parks Victoria Push Rehoming Group to flout CONVID-19 restrictions

Ms Pickering, President, Australian Brumby Alliance (ABA) is “horrified at Parks Victoria’s (PV)selfish actions to trap and transport three Brumbies from Mt. Nelse to a Brumby rescue’s nearby collection point after Professor Sutton’s ( clear warning to all Victorians to “Do the right thing now and stay at home today, tomorrow, until we’re through this, please” and “If you are flouting rules, you will be punished.” It is inconceivable, continued Ms Pickering, that Parks Victoria has trapped these three Brumbies, then dropped them at a temporary holding point with no feed to tide them over for the period we are… Continue reading