AERIAL CULLING TO COMMENCE IN THE GUY FAWKES RIVER NATIONAL PARK MONDAY 17TH FEBRUARY 2020 This cull has been ordered by NPWS as part of the ‘fire recovery pest program’.   The letter received from Darren Pitt, Northern Tablelands area, NPWS is ambiguous and does NOT identify target species.  Attempts to confirm with NPWS if horses are a target NPWS will not confirm in writing any guarantee that horses will not be targeted. What you need to know: These Heritage horses are under a management plan that is overseen by the Horse Reference Group.  STB Inc. and GFHHA have been members… Continue reading

Reviewing the October 2000 aerial shooting of Guy Fawkes Brumbies

Fourteen years ago over 600 Brumbies in the Guy Fawkes River National Park were shot from helicopters in a cull contracted by the NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service.  The resultant public outcry and eyewitness evidence of inhumane practices resulted in a lawsuit by the RSPCA against the NSW NPWS as well as the Environment Minister of the Day, Bob Debus to ban aerial culling in all NSW National Parks. Debates about the use of aerial culling continue today but the facts and history of the Guy Fawkes cull seem to have faded.   The ABA has conducted a desktop study… Continue reading