ABA vs Parks Victoria, Federal Court, 15-19 July 2019

Jill Pickering, President of ABA, summarises an eventful week Day 1 (Monday 15 July 2019) – First court day today ABA vs Parks Victoria. Our legal team presented good legal arguments, which Parks legal team tried to undermine. Tomorrow we sort unresolved evidence objections, then begin witness evidence. Great to challenge ParksVic in an environment that requires a reply. Sunrise aired this morning aired a program thanks to our media team Six O’clock’s persistence. Sunrise gave good coverage from ABA’s perspective, Phil ingamells was as negative as usual. Fail to understand why the Sunrise lady claimed that Brumbies were un-trainable!!!!!!… Continue reading

How and Where to Send Kosciuszko Wild Horse Plan Submissions

We are down to “people power” now – so it is vital that as many people as possible reply to the draft plan by 19-Aug-16. The draft plan has recognised the Heritage Status of the Snowy Brumby, but then advised actions that will inevitably lead to their extinction from the next wild fire. A major inconsistency with granting Snowy Brumby heritage status is that the next major wild fire will shrink Brumby numbers to below a genetically viable level, leaving in-breeding to complete their extinction (in 2003 fire killed 64% of all Brumbies and many other flora and fauna). To… Continue reading

ABA Submission to NSW pest animal issues draft report

As reported in a previous ABA post, The NSW Natural Resource Commission has  released a draft report, Shared Problem, Shared Solutions on pest animal issues in NSW. The report was produced at the request of the Premier of NSW to undertake an independent, state-wide review of pest animal management in NSW. The public is now invited to provide feedback on the draft report before finalization of the recommendations by the end of June 2016. The ABA submission in response to the draft Natural Resources Commission (NRC) – Pest Animal Management Review (PAMR) for NSW consists of three parts which you… Continue reading

Draft Wild Horse Management Plan for Kosciuszko National Park released

At last the long awaited draft plan is now released and open for public comment until 8 July 2016.  A Media Release by the NSW Minister for the Environment states that it is intended to maintain a  permanent number of horses in the park with the aim of protected both the cultural and environmental heritage of the Park. However it is planned to reduced horse numbers from 6000 to appoximately 600 in the next 20 years. ABA notes in its own Press Release that :  “One wild fire will easily wipe out 600 Brumbies and result in the instant extinction… Continue reading