Brumby re-homing policy ‘airy fairy’ say volunteers removing wild horses from national parks

ABC Goulburn Murray news features ABA member group Hoofs2010 in this article on re-homing Volunteers wanting to remove and re-home more of Australia’s wild horses from national parks are calling for more government support. Both the New South Wales and Victorian governments last year adopted plans to reduce wild horse numbers with a focus on re-homing and high animal welfare outcomes, where possible. Volunteers eager to re-home horses have said their skills should be better utilised under the states’ latest plans. They are calling for help in the form of funding or in-kind support which would allow them to take more horses… Continue reading

ABA Summer Newsletter OUT NOW !

In this issue: President’s Chat Member News ABA Response to KNP Horse Management Plan ABA Response to Parks Victoria Announcement to Shoot How to Measure if an Animal is Now Native New Member – White Alpine Equine Wild Horses Have Complex Social Groups Plus photos and gift ideas….. Continue reading

Parks Victoria. Stop shooting horses !!

#StopTheShoot It is Springtime, when new life fills the Alpine National Park with joy and excitement. Wildhorses inhabit the park, and currently mares are pregnant, have given birth or about to,they are incredibly vulnerable. There are foals in the National Park who are innocent, weeksold and suckling of their mother who is about to be shot in the head by contract shootershired by Parks Victoria. Parks Victoria today announced via email that they will commence shooting of horses in theAlpine National Park. They gave no details of the shoot, the method, how many, what theevidence was, nor was there any… Continue reading

ABA writes to Parks Vic Board re planned shooting of Barmah Brumbies

25-May-2021 To: Mr. Jeff Floyd (Chair), the Board of Parks VictoriaVia: Mathew Jackson, CEOof Parks VictoriaVia: Bradley, Secretary of Lily D’Ambrosio, environment Minister, Dear Mr. Jeff Floyd, The Australian Brumby Alliance (ABA) is extremely concerned to hear that the planned rehoming of 100-120 Brumby “removals” from Barmah National Park in this financial year will not go ahead. Instead, with rehomers already waiting to collectand offer the highly valued 100-120 sentient, heritage Barmah Brumbies the chance of a new life, we hear that they are to be shot. This unjustifiable loss of life is unacceptable, not only… Continue reading

ABA Autumn Newsletter OUT NOW!

In this issue: President’s Chat ABA Member Group News ABA Response to Parks Victoria Draft Horse Management Plan 2021 ABA Raffle 2021: Donna Crebbin Artworks Vic Parliamentary Environmental Inquiry Upcoming Rallys for Vic Brumbies Brumby Book The Autumn Edition of Brumby Bridges is now available for your reading pleasure – and there is lots to tell you ! Continue reading