Draft Kosciuszko National Park Wild Horse Management Plan released for community consultation

On Friday October 1st the NSW Government released the draft Kosciuszko National Park Wild Horse Heritage Management Plan (draft plan) with a community consultation period until the 2nd of November. The draft plan was prepared to meet the requirements of the Kosciuszko Wild Horse Heritage Act 2018. The Australian Brumby Alliance (ABA) has the following response to the draft plan. Overall, the ABA acknowledges this draft plan is a change in direction from previous plans and we are grateful for the more balanced approached. Whilst there is still much work to be done to protect our Heritage Brumby for future… Continue reading

The Mega Problem of Large Herbivore Decline

There is a sad and important story unfolding. Climate change and human activity – including hunting,poaching, land-use change and resource depression by livestock – is closing in on the world’s megafaunaand in some corners of the globe, particularly in developing countries, many are under threat ofextinction. A growing area of research is showing that large terrestrial herbivores are crucial to ecosystems andhuman societies and their decline has cascading effects on other species. The rate of decline suggeststhat increasing areas of the world will soon lack many of the vital ecological services these animalsprovide, resulting in significant ecological and social costs…. Continue reading

ABA writes to Parks Vic Board re planned shooting of Barmah Brumbies

25-May-2021 To: Mr. Jeff Floyd (Chair), the Board of Parks VictoriaVia: molly.grossi@parks.vic.gov.auandinfo@parks.vic.gov.auCC: Mathew Jackson, CEOof Parks VictoriaVia: molly.grossi@parks.vic.gov.auandinfo@parks.vic.gov.auCc:John Bradley, Secretary of DELWPcustomer.service@delwp.vic.gov.auCC:Hon. Lily D’Ambrosio, environment Minister, lily.dambrosio@parliament.vic.gov.au Dear Mr. Jeff Floyd, The Australian Brumby Alliance (ABA) is extremely concerned to hear that the planned rehoming of 100-120 Brumby “removals” from Barmah National Park in this financial year will not go ahead. Instead, with rehomers already waiting to collectand offer the highly valued 100-120 sentient, heritage Barmah Brumbies the chance of a new life, we hear that they are to be shot. This unjustifiable loss of life is unacceptable, not only… Continue reading

Unsubstantiated and Devisive Social Media Against ABA Members

The Australian Brumby Alliance has been made aware of some comments on multiple social media posts attacking ABA member groups. The ABA stands in solidarity with our member groups and asks for the aggressive social media commentary to stop, it is NOT an official forum, all comments are unproven and pure speculation. The ABA will not legitimise any unsubstantiated comments or personal attacks therefore we will not comment on specific baseless claims posted on an unofficial forum. The ABA will, however, invite anyone with issues or spurious claims against the ABA or our members, to contact us formally so that… Continue reading