ABA vs Parks Victoria, Federal Court, 15-19 July 2019

Jill Pickering, President of ABA, summarises an eventful week Day 1 (Monday 15 July 2019) – First court day today ABA vs Parks Victoria. Our legal team presented good legal arguments, which Parks legal team tried to undermine. Tomorrow we sort unresolved evidence objections, then begin witness evidence. Great to challenge ParksVic in an environment that requires a reply. Sunrise aired this morning aired a program thanks to our media team Six O’clock’s persistence. Sunrise gave good coverage from ABA’s perspective, Phil ingamells was as negative as usual. Fail to understand why the Sunrise lady claimed that Brumbies were un-trainable!!!!!!… Continue reading

Stop Press ! Urgent Petition to Oppose Live Export of Horses and Donkeys

You may have heard that there are moves in the federal government to open up a market in the live export of ponies, horses and donkeys for slaughter overseas. Under questioning in Senate Estimates from Senator Derryn Hinch, Departmental officials confirmed that a number of enquiries had been made about exporting horses and donkeys “in large numbers for slaughter”. Various groups, including Canberra’s rspca and the Australian Equine Unification Scheme groups have worked to raise awareness about this – but until Senate Estimates there was nothing recorded in the public domain to share. With Darren Hinch, raising this issue in the… Continue reading

ABA letter to NSW Premier refutes Prof Don Driscoll’s claims regarding Brumby populations in KNP

President of ABA, Jill Pickering has written to Mike Baird, Premier of NSW in regard to a recent letter to him from Prof Don Driscoll supporting the draft Wild Horse Management Plan.   View or download ABA’s letter to Mike Baird: Letter to Mike Baird, Premier NSW from Jill Pickering, President ABA   Continue reading

ABA Submission to the draft KNP Wild Horse Management Plan

The ABA submission is about ensuring that a robust Heritage Snowy Brumby population will continue to be seen by future generations as living history and understand why early settlers relied on ancestors of the Snowy Brumby to survive. In doing so, the ABA also accepts that too many of any species, including humans, will cause negative environmental impacts. To view and download the full ABA Submission and its Attachments, click on the links below ABA Submission to KNP Draft Wild Horse Management Plan ABA Submission Att-1 Managing Viable Brumby Populations ABA Submission Att-2 Impacts in Perspective ABA Submission Att-3 Straight… Continue reading