ABA does not condone threats of violence – Letter to Matt Kean MP

In response to threats of the violence on social media to to the NSW Minister for Energy and Environment, ABA has written to the Minister on our position to such behaviour.

Read On or download the full letter :  ABA to Mat Kean agro wrong 29-Jul-20final

The Hon. Matt Kean,
NSW Minister for Energy and Environment
Via https://www.nsw.gov.au/nsw-government/ministers/minister-for-energy-and-environment
And hornsby@parliament.nsw.gov.au

Dear Hon. Matt Kean,

The Australian Brumby Alliance Inc. (ABA) advocates for the recognition, management,
preservation and welfare of Australian Wild Horses in agreed, managed numbers to live in
areas which they have historically evolved for 150-200 years.

The ABA would like to acknowledge the recent inappropriate behaviour on social media
which has been directed towards to you, the ABA would like to formally say that the use of
violence and threats is NEVER OK and we do not condone these tactics in any way. Further,
the ABA strongly condemns such comments and behaviour as it not only harms the person
who is targeted, in this case yourself; it also harms sustainable Brumby plan objectives.

In the most recent committee meeting, the ABA confirmed that one of our three key
messages is “working in a collaborative framework where government, science and Brumby
advocates work together for healthy ecosystems using adaptive management.”

The Act’s Scientific and Community Advisory Panels are developing a plan to protect wild
horse heritage alongside park environmental values. This delicate, exciting challenge to mix
science and community wild horse values is vital to effectively resolve such complexities as
achieving sustainable heritage horse populations within sustainable parts of Kosciuszko.

We look forward to productive and meaningful engagement with you and your office in the
future to discuss ways to humanely manage the population of Wild Horses.

Yours sincerely

J. Pickerting

Australian Brumby Alliance Inc.

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