18 May Parks Vic will commence shooting – WHAT YOU CAN DO

18th May 2020 Parks Victoria will begin shooting Victorian Alpine Brumbies at night, using infra red  sights and silencers.  We have been inundated with your questions of what you can do to help.

PLEASE sign the petitions below:

VICTORIAN Brumbies: CHANGE Petition – LINK – Can we get to 25,000 Australia Wide?

Open to all Australians within Victoria or another state


PARLIAMENT Petition (Andy Meddick to present when over 10,000 – LINK;

Only open for Victorian residents as it targets the Victorian Government https://www.parliament.vic.gov.au/council/petitions/electronic-petitions/view-e-petitions/details/12/147?fbclid=IwAR321LUJjAIvMQjs_BiGF4i4qf88DlMYR3iSJuEHkYBk29Q8cXBj4cXXPss – nearly halfway – Need 10,000 URGENT by 29th May 2020

(see below to find your electorate)

Join the discussion on Facebook

Australian Brumby Alliance Inc. FaceBook link:


Write and Call

Letters/phone calls to: Your Federal Parliament & Federal Senate members polite, passionate reasons why you object to;

  • Decision to annihilate Bogong High plains brumbies and decimate east Alpine Brumbies by night shooting starting 18-May-20 is based on seriously flawed studies, ignored by the Judge,
  • Urgent need to retain and protect small/moderate Brumby Populations living in their Heritage homelands for 150-200 years,
  • Who gave their lives in the thousands carrying mounted troups into battle,
  • these irreplaceable living heritage bloodlines must be retained, in sustainable numbers for their beauty, wild living family mobs to study true wild horse behaviours,
  • Are living, sentient beings, and
  • essential to keep for future generations to see and learn from NOT destroy using falsified studies.


Donate to ABA

Help us continue the fight for our Brumbies by donating to our Research Project

Find out more

Link to:    Federal Court of Australia, Australian Brumby Alliance vs Parks Victoria

Click below to find your Victorian Electorate:

Find electorate and MP

Australian Brumby Alliance Website link is;



ABA Media release – Court gives go ahead to annihilate Victorian Alpine Brumbies link


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