ABA Spring Newsletter OUT NOW!

The Spring Edition of Brumby Bridges is now available for your reading pleasure. In this issue: President’s Chat The Mega Problem of Large Herbivore Decline Introducing new ABA Member Bluewater Brumbies Book Review – Brumby Wars Australia’s Fortress Conservation is Outdated Brumbies in the Media – ABC Landline Southern Cross Brumby DNA Registry News from Save the Brumbies Continue reading

ABA Winter Newsletter OUT NOW !

The Winter editions of Brumby Bridges is now available to view or download. In this issue: President’s Chat Member News ABA Rehoming Survey – for rehomers or potential rehomers The Mares – Carol Hancock Photography ABA Raffle Winners Update from Coffin Bay Brumby Preservation Society Kaimanawa Ranges Tours Wild Horse Energy Vibrations – Kelly Wilson and more ! Continue reading

Brumby Rehomer Survey

The Australian Brumby Alliance has designed this SURVEY to increase Park managers awareness of challenges facing rehomers on a daily basis. ANY group or individual rehomer can complete the survey, if they are interested to take brumbies from Parks Victoria.  We now invite any:   Victorian based group or individual Rehomers, or   Interstate Rehomers who would take Brumbies under a Parks Victoria EOI to,   to complete the survey (ABA web link) and email to pickjill@hotmail.com     Any questions please ring Jill Pickering on 0400-558-772 or email Jill on pickjill@hotmail.com   Thanks for your time – ABA  Continue reading

Alpine brumbies: destructive feral hoofed beasts or a heritage breed to protect?

The Guardian, 27 June 2021 While both sides of the Brumby debate are presented, it is a shame that this article in the Guardian highlights Jamie Pittock’s comment that ‘…arguments that horses have any positive impact on the landscape are “utter scientific garbage”…’ when in truth he doesn’t have a clue. That is because most ecological research on wild horses in Australia does not examine whether there are any positive impacts. It is assumed all impacts are negative and the research is biased around this assumption. So, Dr PIttock, it seems that the only “utter scientific garbage” in this article… Continue reading

ABA writes to Parks Vic Board re planned shooting of Barmah Brumbies

25-May-2021 To: Mr. Jeff Floyd (Chair), the Board of Parks VictoriaVia: molly.grossi@parks.vic.gov.auandinfo@parks.vic.gov.auCC: Mathew Jackson, CEOof Parks VictoriaVia: molly.grossi@parks.vic.gov.auandinfo@parks.vic.gov.auCc:John Bradley, Secretary of DELWPcustomer.service@delwp.vic.gov.auCC:Hon. Lily D’Ambrosio, environment Minister, lily.dambrosio@parliament.vic.gov.au Dear Mr. Jeff Floyd, The Australian Brumby Alliance (ABA) is extremely concerned to hear that the planned rehoming of 100-120 Brumby “removals” from Barmah National Park in this financial year will not go ahead. Instead, with rehomers already waiting to collectand offer the highly valued 100-120 sentient, heritage Barmah Brumbies the chance of a new life, we hear that they are to be shot. This unjustifiable loss of life is unacceptable, not only… Continue reading