Parks Victoria Feral Horse Rehoming Program – Expression Of Interest

Parks Victoria have called fro an Expression Of Interest (EOI) for indiviuals or groups who wish to rehome Brumbies.   Applications close on MONDAY 11 NOVEMBER.

We asked PV to put their EOI’s in a prominent position on their website – BUT PV have not replied so we now place the PV EOI to rehome Victorian Alpine Brumbies where possible on the ABA website to assist your response.  Links to the cover letter and the application form (in docx and pdf format) are below:

PV Letter re Rehoming EOI

PV Application for Rehoming EOI 30.10.19  (docx)

PV Rehoming EOI Application (pdf)

Please read the information below in conjuction with the PV EOI application.  If you have any questions on this post, please ring 0400-558-772 or email

Parks Victoria (PV) remove up to 200 Brumbies annually using the Alpine Brumby Management Assoc. (ABMA). PV plans to increase Rehoming options and has now called for Rehoming EOIs in case the ABA-PV Court action judgement allows PV to proceed to remove 1,200 East Alpine Brumbies by 2021.

Concerned that ONLY Rehomers with 2.1 meter high fencing could apply the Australian Brumby Alliance (ABA) wrote to PV, and 30-Oct-19 PV lowered the minimum height for holding yards to 1.8m height, a standard height all potential Rehomers can meet.

However other concerns we raised with PV such as allowing people to collect unhandled Brumbies in floats posing an unacceptable risk of injury to both Brumbies and Rehomers, lack of infrastructure PV can provide to safely transfer unhandled Brumbies to new Rehomers,  vaccines, access to collect Brumbies etc., were not addressed.

Instead, PV replied on 1-Nov-19 “as part of this process, Parks Victoria will be able to answer any additional questions you have as part of your contribution to the rehoming process” and “subject to case by case approvals Parks Victoria may deliver feral horses to a predetermined and agreed location within a 5 hour radius of trap locations where this is safe and humane to do so”.

PV’s reply infers that people can discuss any concerns they have as part of the EOI approval process.

The ABA is encouraged that PV’s EOI can be an interactive process, and urges potential Rehomers to clarify safety protocols with PV, and which vaccinations PV require Rehomers to apply and chat to people experienced in receiving unhandled Brumbies, before new Rehomer EOIs are approved.

Brumbies gentled by appropriately skilled people make wonderful riding partners, providing endless hours of pleasure. We have forwarded our Brumby resource material to PV to assist EOI applicants and also add the following links to ABA website resource info.

  1. ABA Rehoming Guiding Principles for People with Domestic Horse Training Awareness

  1. Rescue & Care Rescue of Wild Horses in Australia – General Advice & Set-Up Notes for A Wild Horse Re-Homing Organisation & for Wild Horse Rescue Within Australia



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