Kosi Brumbies have National Cultural Heritage Value

The following is an excerpt from the executive summary of the National Cultural Heritage Values Assessment & Conflicting Values Report to the NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service.  This report informed NSWNPWS in preparing its draft Wild Horse Management Plan for Kosciuszko National Park and provides interesting insights into wild horse history and management in Australia. In this study, the wild horse population is considered as an attribute of the place – Kosciuszko National Park – or parts of that place. The National Heritage List criteria and assessment guidelines were used to frame the assessment of cultural heritage significance. The… Continue reading

Help the Kosi Brumbies

How you can help keep Brumbies living wild in the Kosciuszko National Park: 1. Read the ABA Press release …more This is a Wild Horse Management Plan that will manage to extinction – Numbers as low as 600 or even 400 as stated in the NPWS plan will be extremely vulnerable to: • Future political changes and • Natural catastrophes such as drought and bushfire which could decimate the remaining 400-600 Brumbies. The 2003 catastrophic wild fires killed 64% of the total Brumby population; Kosi Brumbies (and populations in other States who follow NPWS lead) will be lost to future… Continue reading

ABA concerned that some ‘Brumby advocates’ are again promoting violence against Park Staff

The Australian Brumby Alliance Inc., along with many Brumby advocates have steadily worked to develop constructive, effective, dialogue with Park staff, backed by an increasing range of rational comprehensive documents we find or develop. Narrowing the gap between the Pro and Anti-lobby is soon derailed by anyone who relies on hate and aggression towards those charged with the responsibility to manage our Parks according to the laws of this Country, or even worse, their children. How can we object to anti-Brumby lobbyists pushing their views when other Brumby supporters champion violence to ‘force’ others to listen?  The following quote speaks of… Continue reading