ABA vs Parks Victoria, Federal Court, 15-19 July 2019

Jill Pickering, President of ABA, summarises an eventful week

Day 1 (Monday 15 July 2019) – First court day today ABA vs Parks Victoria.

Our legal team presented good legal arguments, which Parks legal team tried to undermine. Tomorrow we sort unresolved evidence objections, then begin witness evidence. Great to challenge ParksVic in an environment that requires a reply. Sunrise aired this morning aired a program thanks to our media team Six O’clock’s persistence. Sunrise gave good coverage from ABA’s perspective, Phil ingamells was as negative as usual. Fail to understand why the Sunrise lady claimed that Brumbies were un-trainable!!!!!!

Day 2 (Tuesday 16-July-19) ABA Court Hearing .

We completed the unresolved objections to evidence while retaining evidence we need for our case. First witness was heard today from Parks Victoria. Tomorrow begins the nitty gritty as we hear ecologists from both sides give evidence in Court room 8G. All welcome to drop and support the case. So much at stake, but our legal team is really working hard to keep on top of all issues arising – go team.

Day 3 (Wednesday 17 July 2019) ABA vs PV court case

Today was the most gripping day so far – reviewing the environment (Bogong High Plains & East Alps). The Bogong damage report was discussed by 3 experts, then PV’s 2 experts cross examined. Tomorrow ABA’s environmentalist expert is cross examined by PV. Then we hear from the Historians about Victorian Alpine Brumby Heritage values and what we loose if Parks Victoria exterminate ALL Bogong’s Brumby population by 2021. PV claim Bogong’s environment is being trashed by Brumbies. Check out today’s edited photo of Bogong Brumbies, in their healthy environment, pondering the PV Park Act with me.

Day 4 (Thursday 18-July-19) ABA vs PV case hearing.

Today we heard from heritage experts on both sides. The key to our case is whether removing all Bogong High Plains Brumbies and over half of the Eastern Alpine Brumbies will significantly lower the Australian Alpine National Park heritage listed values (which includes the Victorian East Alps and Bogong High Plains). While our heritage expert gave credible evidence, it depends on how the Judge views evidence in relation to the EPBC. Tomorrow, (last case hearing day (Friday) ) sums up legal arguments for/against for the Judge to consider. Hope you appreciate today’s photo opportunity, our Brumby telling “his Honour” No, I did not trample all the grass and compact the land here, that was from humans.

Day 5 (Friday 19 July 2019) ABA vs PV case hearing update

Today we heard concluding legal arguments from both sides. Parks Victoria took moral “high Ground” to exterminate all Bogong Brumbies, while our legal team provided reasons why the Alpine Brumby Heritage would be significantly diminished if the entire Bogong Brumby population was eradicated and the East Alps population significantly reduced.

Judge O’Bryan will is aware our case is breaking new ground and has worked to understand our position. A big thank you to the long hours from our legal team. Sincere thanks to the many support messages. Thanks especially to the ABA Victorian Brumby Association for their advice and active support and support from the Heritage Brumby Advocates Association. This is a watershed moment in Brumby Heritage acknowledgement. The 100,000s dollars wasted by Parks Victoria fighting the retention of small Brumby populations is tragic.

And now we wait, as the decision on the case will not be made until a couple of months from now (ETA late September)

In the meantime, we continue to plan our research project. Please continue to contribute to our Research fighting fund to produce ground breaking balanced Brumby research to counter Parks Victoria false, misleading claims. Watch the ABA page, for future developments.

You can donate to the research funding at:       Chuffed

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