Alpine brumbies: destructive feral hoofed beasts or a heritage breed to protect?

The Guardian, 27 June 2021 While both sides of the Brumby debate are presented, it is a shame that this article in the Guardian highlights Jamie Pittock’s comment that ‘…arguments that horses have any positive impact on the landscape are “utter scientific garbage”…’ when in truth he doesn’t have a clue. That is because most ecological research on wild horses in Australia does not examine whether there are any positive impacts. It is assumed all impacts are negative and the research is biased around this assumption. So, Dr PIttock, it seems that the only “utter scientific garbage” in this article… Continue reading

New coin released in Perth Mint’s Brumby Horse series

The Perth Mint has released the first one-ounce bullion strikes in gold which are part of the “Brumby” horse series launched last year as a two-ounce silver coin. The story of the Australian brumby horse is as unique as the island continent’s history itself. According to tradition, their story begins with soldier and pastoralist James Brumby (1771–1838), who was originally from Lincolnshire, England, and also a free man who was paid to make the long journey to Australia as a soldier in 1791. A sergeant in the New South Wales Corps, he was transferred from Sydney to Van Diemen’s Land… Continue reading

Bill Tilley MLA Issues a Uniting Call

Thank you Bill Tilley for your uniting call that – “Together we can save these horses” and “I’m amazed by the incredible show of support for the brumbies from people from all walks of life, from the high country, Victoria, the nation and across the globe”. Full text below.   Good Morning, A Supreme Court judgement on the management of brumbies in Victoria’s Alpine National Park has been reserved until Friday afternoon following the presentation of arguments in front of Justice Moore yesterday. We continue to live in the hope and resolve that the Supreme Court recognises the failings of… Continue reading

Parks Victoria Push Rehoming Group to flout CONVID-19 restrictions

Ms Pickering, President, Australian Brumby Alliance (ABA) is “horrified at Parks Victoria’s (PV)selfish actions to trap and transport three Brumbies from Mt. Nelse to a Brumby rescue’s nearby collection point after Professor Sutton’s ( clear warning to all Victorians to “Do the right thing now and stay at home today, tomorrow, until we’re through this, please” and “If you are flouting rules, you will be punished.” It is inconceivable, continued Ms Pickering, that Parks Victoria has trapped these three Brumbies, then dropped them at a temporary holding point with no feed to tide them over for the period we are… Continue reading