Victorian Alpine Brumby Founding Stock

The Brumby Founding Stock of the Bogongs and Eastern Alps

This document has been created with help from ABA supporters conducting interviews with people whose ancestors worked the Victorian Alps, information gleaned from literature on the history of the Victorian Alps and online archives.

The key purpose of this document is to illustrate the heritage attributes of the Bogong High Plains and Victorian Eastern Alpine region Brumbies. This document is a living document, and will continue to grow as our knowledge expands and we learn more from relevant key sources with deeper local knowledge and heritage skills.

The ABA encourages anyone with oral history, family records or other relevant information in relation to the Brumbies of the Eastern Alps and Bogong High Plains to contact us. This ABA document will be used to begin the process that can inform future work to secure the retention of sustainable Victorian Alpine Wild Horse populations.

Victorian Alps Bogong High Plains Brumby Founding Stock PDF

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