New coin released in Perth Mint’s Brumby Horse series

The Perth Mint has released the first one-ounce bullion strikes in gold which are part of the “Brumby” horse series launched last year as a two-ounce silver coin. The story of the Australian brumby horse is as unique as the island continent’s history itself. According to tradition, their story begins with soldier and pastoralist James Brumby (1771–1838), who was originally from Lincolnshire, England, and also a free man who was paid to make the long journey to Australia as a soldier in 1791. A sergeant in the New South Wales Corps, he was transferred from Sydney to Van Diemen’s Land in 1801, but before his transfer, he was forced to release a number of horses in his charge into the bush. Ultimately, they came to be known as “Brumby’s horses,” later as “brumbies,” and the word over time came to refer to wild horses.  More…..

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