Unsubstantiated and Devisive Social Media Against ABA Members

The Australian Brumby Alliance has been made aware of some comments on multiple social media posts attacking ABA member groups. The ABA stands in solidarity with our member groups and asks for the aggressive social media commentary to stop, it is NOT an official forum, all comments are unproven and pure speculation.

The ABA will not legitimise any unsubstantiated comments or personal attacks therefore we will not comment on specific baseless claims posted on an unofficial forum. The ABA will, however, invite anyone with issues or spurious claims against the ABA or our members, to contact us formally so that we can reply formally.

The Brumby rescue movement must stand together in solidarity and with integrity, the ABA will lead the way with professional and inclusive behaviour and we ask that others follow our example and rise above infantile finger pointing and rumour spreading.

For more information, please feel free to contact me directly.

Jill Pickering
ABA President

17th May 2021

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