Exmoor Ponies Help Revamp the Czech Republic’s Landscape

In an unprecedented environmental conservation effort, Jirku and his team of scientists have handpicked a specific pony breed native to England—the Exmoor—and placed it on former military landscapes less than an hour northeast of Prague. Their goal? To have nature take its course, with large herbivores grazing and fertilizing the land, in hopes of one day restoring it to the rich and productive territory it used to be before World War II. To read the full article….. http://www.thehorse.com/articles/36342/exmoor-ponies-help-revamp-the-czech-republics-landscape Continue reading

Wild Konik horses helping in conservation parks

Wild Konik horses have been brought to England to help manage vegetation growth in a nature reserve in Kent.   Wildwood Nature Reserve is 40 acres of woodland and home to over 200 native animals. The horses, originally from Poland display a range of characteristics of the primitive Tarpan horses, however, DNA evidence does not show a close relationship.  Koniks were previously established Holland as part of the Rewilding Europe program and some of these were brought to England by the Wildwood Trust. A grim part of the Konik horse story is their exploitation by the Nazi regime who sought to… Continue reading