Cultural Meanings of Wild Horses

From The Conversation, excerpts from an article by Michael Adams (University of Wollongong) on the Cultural Meanings of Wild Horses…. “The Kosciuszko wild horses are also tangled within the embedded idiosyncrasies and contradictions of the largest national park in New South Wales. Here there are protected populations of two species of invasive fish (brown and rainbow trout) that are demonstrably responsible for local extinctions of native fish and frog species; a gigantic hydro-electric scheme with dominant infrastructure across large areas of the park; and expanding ski resorts where it is possible to buy lodges. Much of the landscape that is… Continue reading

March 2017 ABA Newsletter OUT NOW !

The March 2017 edition of Brumby Bridges is now available for viewing or download: Brumby Bridges Mar 2017  or visit our Newsletter Page In this issue: President’s Chat ABA Lobby Approach Expanded Parks Victoria – Recent Wild Horse Stakeholder Meetings Member News from STB, HVBA and Kaimanawa Heritage Horses The Tale of a Thyroid Tumour     Continue reading