ABA Spring Newsletter OUT NOW!

The Spring Edition of Brumby Bridges is now available for your reading pleasure. In this issue: President’s Chat The Mega Problem of Large Herbivore Decline Introducing new ABA Member Bluewater Brumbies Book Review – Brumby Wars Australia’s Fortress Conservation is Outdated Brumbies in the Media – ABC Landline Southern Cross Brumby DNA Registry News from Save the Brumbies Continue reading

Feral desert donkeys are digging wells, giving water to parched wildlife

Research by Lundgren, Wallach and Ramp suggests that wild equids are filling the void of extinct megafauna and are contributing to biodiversity. In particular, they have been found to find water in desert areas which are used by many species. There is also evidence that wild horses are doing this in Australia. “…research didn’t evaluate the impact of donkey-dug wells in arid Australia. But Australia is home to most of the world’s feral donkeys, and it’s likely their wells support wildlife in similar ways. Across the Kimberley in Western Australia, helicopter pilots regularly saw strings of wells in dry streambeds…. Continue reading

Bluewater community shaken after two brumbies shot dead and surviving foal left to starve

ABC North Qld By Jess Naunton Posted Wednesday 16 December 2020 Locals have been left “shocked” and “heartbroken” by the discovery of two wild horses shot dead and a foal left to starve in a bush suburb of Townsville. The brumbies — a stallion, a mare and her foal — were found in a creek bed within a few hundred metres of homes at Bluewater, about 30 kilometres north-west of the city centre. Both adult horses had multiple gunshot wounds. Continue reading

Spring Edition of ABA Newsletter OUT NOW!

In this bumper issue we celebrate ten years of ABA and have a look at what has happened in ABA, its member groups and the Brumby world. And we will be at the 3rd Australian Brumby Challenge at Equitana Melbourne.  If you are in town, we would love to see you! …..more – download or view the newseltter  Continue reading