Meet the CANA Foundation – “Horses, Humans, Habitat”

CANA Foundation exists to support a sustainable environment with specific emphasis on the connections between America’s Wild Horses, their value for our habitat and Land Conservation, and the impact that has on our future.Cana shows support for Native Communities in an effort to acknowledge their understanding and reverence for nature and the horse, allowing the Rewilding of native lands and all peoples. These important actions allow a shift in education and awareness globally for land conservation and the importance of Rewilding of our planet and humans. Through our Giving Wheel we create a continuous commitment to education,  action and inspiration to enable others to move CANA… Continue reading

Invasive Hippos, Camels, and Elephants OFfer a Glimmer of Hope for Earth’s Megafauna

From article on the Earther website…. “According to a study published in Ecography, megafauna, defined as plant-eating terrestrial mammals weighing more than 100 kilograms (220 pounds) on average, are establishing themselves in new and often unexpected places outside of their historic native ranges. These introduced populations would typically be considered invasive species, but the authors think a better term might be “survivors.” Furthermore, the giant animals, which include everything from hippopotamuses to donkeys, might offer unexpected benefits to their new homelands. In a recent article in The Conversation, the authors write that “these ‘feral’ populations are rewilding the world with… Continue reading

Reintroduced Przewalski’s horses have a different diet

Researchers have now found through tail hair analysis that before their extinction in the wild Przewalski’s horses had been on a different diet than today. Thanks to improved societal attitude, the horses have now access to richer pastures. In former times, the wild horses were hunted and chased away.    ….More Continue reading

A Short History of High Plains Wild Horses from Kiandra to Peppercorn

Ted Taylor,  from Northern KNP is knowledgeable of the background and origins of various Snowy Brumby breed types, from: Kiandra Yarrangobilly Caves. Long Plain/Currango Peppercorn, Broken Cart and Brindabella, and Coolamine   Below is his account of the history of horses from this area.   Short history of High Plains Wild Horses from Kiandra to Peppercorn Ted Taylor “I now describe, for those not privileged to see KNP when leased and grazed by tens of thousands of sheep and cattle for over one 100 yrs. It was a very beautiful healthy landscape; the broad-toothed rat, corroboree frog, fish and wild… Continue reading