Aussie prof challenges “invasion biologists” on their own turf

Compassionate Conservation is an emerging multi-disciplinary field that considers the individuals of a species have value.  Rather than focusing on threatened and invasive species, Compassionate Conservation considers the Anthropocene (when humans dominate) is continuing to evolve and introduced and native species are evolving with it.

Conventional conservation views any species whose presence might challenge the ordained “natives” are thereafter persecuted as “invasive,” even if the habitat has changed so much that the “invasive” species are better suited than the “natives” to surviving there.

“It is possible to protect brumbies without abandoning takhis”

“Protecting megafauna in their introduced range can supplement rather than supplant existing conservation efforts,”  Wallach et al contended.  “It is possible to protect brumbies and mustangs without abandoning takhis,”  better known as Przewalski’s wild horse.

“Accepting introduced megafauna as part of nature would enable more accurate threat assessments and informed policy,”  Wallach et al believe,  an argument which should appeal to governments trying to contain the cost of preserving endangered and threatened species.

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