Parks Victoria Push Rehoming Group to flout CONVID-19 restrictions

Ms Pickering, President, Australian Brumby Alliance (ABA) is “horrified at Parks Victoria’s (PV)selfish actions to trap and transport three Brumbies from Mt. Nelse to a Brumby rescue’s nearby collection point after Professor Sutton’s ( clear warning to all Victorians to “Do the right thing now and stay at home today, tomorrow, until we’re through this, please” and “If you are flouting rules, you will be punished.”

It is inconceivable, continued Ms Pickering, that Parks Victoria has trapped these three Brumbies, then dropped them at a temporary holding point with no feed to tide them over for the period we are told to stay at home for by Victoria’s Premier, Daniel Andrews and his chief medical advisors.

How can one government department so blatantly ignore another government’s warnings issued under emergency powers arising from a declared state of emergency, twice by trapping Brumbies then leaving the Victorian Brumby Assoc. (VBA) responsible for their care despite virus travel bans?

When the ABA’s member group, the VBA, asked twice for a letter from Victoria to explain the VBA’s non-essential 800 km round trip to drive, load 3 wild horses and return home, the VBA were ignored.

Whilst the Brumbies have been delivered to a secure holding facility, this has only ever been a short term property, where wild Brumbies have been held for a few days. The VBA and the family at the holding property have been left scrambling, trying to arrange medium to longer term feed and care.

“Surely Parks Victoria have a responsibility to work with rehomers they have contracted with to rescue Brumbies and ensure they are not exposed to flouting rules and putting their family and community at risk” said Ms Pickering, ABA. It was within Parks Victoria’s control to provide at a minimum, a letter authorising the VBA to take the 800 km, 20 hour round trip – but did they? NO.

During the hiatus, the VBA is calling for local hay donations to feed these 3 pregnant Mares at the holding point while urgent requests are made to the Premier, the Minister for health and again to Parks Victoria to resolve this unnecessary impasse.

“We are dealing with wild, sentient beings that have suddenly found themselves huddled together in a small holding yard. This should never have happened under the watch of Parks Victoria. It should be PV, not the ABA/VBA writing to government to organise official clearance for the VBA to collect and complete their responsibility to care for these three pregnant Brumbies” said Ms Pickering.

Authorised by Jill Pickering, ABA 30-Mar-20


Click below to download Media Release:

ABA Mt.Nelse Media Release 29-Mar-20

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