Parks Victoria response to ABA concerns over aerial culling

Date: Wed, 11 Sep 2013 Subject: Alps Horse Plan Submissions The following is a response from Parks Victoria regarding concerns about recent ABC news aired by Victorian environmentalists who are using rspca vic’s recommendation for aerial shooting in the Alpine National Park. “Thanks for your email. You should not be concerned, as indicated in documentation on the Parks Victoria website the shooting of free roaming horses is not being considered a control option as part of the current consultation. I believe your concerns may stem from a segment that aired on ABC Melbourne radio yesterday. The segment featured an interview… Continue reading

ABA disappointed by RSPCA support for aerial culling

After working hard with the RSPCA, Parks Victoria and National Parks NSW to find a humane solution to brumby management, ABA is confounded that RSPCA/Vic has supported aerial culling as reported by the ABC: RSPCA backs cull of wild brumbies ABA’s position is detailed below Media Release 14 September 2013 The Australian Brumby Alliance is concerned at recent calls for aerial culling in the Victorian Alps, and especially sad to hear the RSPVA VIC, despite sitting on a committee chaired by Parks Victoria for almost a year where several other humane and best practise control methods have been discussed state… Continue reading

Stop the aerial culling of Waler horses on Tempe Downs Station, NT

In the coming weeks, up to 10,000 horses are scheduled to be shot from helicopters on Tempe Downs Station in the Northern Territory of Australia. The Waler Horse Society of Australia Inc. (WHSA), along with numerous other animal welfare groups, believes aerial culling is an inhumane approach to population control of horses running wild in the Australian outback. This method has previously been shown to leave a proportion of horses suffering due to non-fatal wounding and the difficulty in killing humanely when firing from a moving vehicle. Aerial culling of horses could also have significant unintended/undesirable ecological consequences. Large numbers… Continue reading

Colleen O’Brien to speak at the International Wild Equid Conference in Vienna

Colleen O’Brien of the Victorian Brumby Association is a speaker at the International Wild Equid Conference to be held in Vienna Austria from September 18-22 2012.    This is a great opportunity to connect with other wild horse experts around the world and to convey they Australian Brumby situation on a global stage.  Read more… Continue reading