Vic Government releases Draft Wild Horse Management Plan

In the draft Alpine National Park – Alpine National Park – Feral Horse Strategic Action Plan which was released the last working day prior to Christmas, Parks Victoria are to cull every Brumby from Bogong High Plains and halve the number in the Alps main area over the next few years.

The draft plan release was also covered by The Weekend Australian.

ABA has prepared a Position Paper and How to Help document

Colleen O’Brien (Victorian Brumby Association) has set up a FAQ page and ways to provide feedback to the short time frame to 2 Feb 2018 16 Feb 2018.

The Australian Brumby Alliance has written to the Vic Minister to point out that although Parks Victoria  infer 4 weeks is the ‘norm’ for draft plan feedback, in fact a quick check of their website shows it to be in fact 2-3 months.

UPDATE on DEADLINE:  Vic Govt has extended deadline to Friday 16 Feb 2018

As many people as possible need to provide a submission to Parks Victoria by the end of January.

If Parks Victoria get away with eliminating the Bogong High Plains Brumbies, which are at minimal density and we have papers to show the environment is fine, not in the terrible state Parks Vic claim, then all across Australia this approach of pest management will be rolled out.

Jill Pickering

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