Kosciuszko Brumby Traps Sabotaged

ABA Media Release – 10 March 2022 The ABA does not support behaviour, nor efforts to deny Brumbies, being trapped by National Parks andWildlife Services (NPWS), a chance to be rehomed to domestic life. The majority of Brumby supporters aresaddened by the high Brumby numbers being removed per the KNP management Plan, but we now have aKNP management plan that will retain a Brumby population of 3,000 in Kosciuszko National Park (KNP). Pictures of dismantled traps posted on social media recently by people will not result in further negation asthey wanted; instead, it just escalates emotive anti-brumby environmentalist’s calls to… Continue reading

Corindi flood Brumbies, rescued and rehomed by ABA Member Group Save The Brumbies

BRUMBY horses, rescued from the Corindi floods in March, have all been found new homes by Bellingen-based Save The Brumbies (STB) charity. “The horses were causing havoc on domestic farms due to fencing being destroyed,” Jan Carter, founder of STB, told News Of The Area. “They had strayed from the adjoining State Forests. “Grafton NPWS and Local Land Services didn’t want to euthanise the horses, so they put out a call and we stepped up and took eleven horses,” said Jan. “Quite a few were stallions needing to be gelded, which is quite an expensive job, but Land Serves paid… Continue reading