Corindi flood Brumbies, rescued and rehomed by ABA Member Group Save The Brumbies

BRUMBY horses, rescued from the Corindi floods in March, have all been found new homes by Bellingen-based Save The Brumbies (STB) charity.

“The horses were causing havoc on domestic farms due to fencing being destroyed,” Jan Carter, founder of STB, told News Of The Area.

“They had strayed from the adjoining State Forests.

“Grafton NPWS and Local Land Services didn’t want to euthanise the horses, so they put out a call and we stepped up and took eleven horses,” said Jan.

“Quite a few were stallions needing to be gelded, which is quite an expensive job, but Land Serves paid for gelding all the colts – the first time ever that National Parks and LLS have assisted with the relocation of horses in twenty years of STB’s work; a great help which we are very appreciate of.”

The Corindi horses were transported to the main sanctuary at Armidale where they were “sorted, handled, vaccinated, gelded, vet-checked, then offered ready-for-saddle to the public”, said Jan.

The adoption process is designed to match horses with homes and only where there is already another horse, or herd.

“Daily, family contact is essential. Adoption is not for the person who agists and only rides a couple of times a week. Prospective owners spend a day or two, at no charge, at the sanctuary cottage, familiarising themselves with the horses. That way they make the right choice, and we make the right choice. As an animal welfare charity, we look after all horses, therefore we receive rescue horses which will never be suitable for riding and so we set up Save The Brumbies Sponsored Horses program, and it’s a small herd of these horses which live on our Bellingen sanctuary.”

Sponsorship gives visiting rights, including staying at the sanctuary for the weekend where Jan talks with the children (often it’s youngsters sponsoring through their family) about horse care and the plight of the Brumby.

Sponsors receive the exclusive NewsNeigher newsletter with Brumby national news, sanctuary reports, dates and contact details.

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