Parks Victoria. Stop shooting horses !!


It is Springtime, when new life fills the Alpine National Park with joy and excitement. Wild
horses inhabit the park, and currently mares are pregnant, have given birth or about to,
they are incredibly vulnerable. There are foals in the National Park who are innocent, weeks
old and suckling of their mother who is about to be shot in the head by contract shooters
hired by Parks Victoria.

Parks Victoria today announced via email that they will commence shooting of horses in the
Alpine National Park. They gave no details of the shoot, the method, how many, what the
evidence was, nor was there any community consultation period.

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Standard Operating Procedure for Shooting of Feral Horses states:

(Aerial shooting) To minimise the animal welfare implications of leaving dependent foals to

die a slow death from starvation, it is preferable not to run aerial shooting programs when

mares have dependent young at foot.

(Ground Shooting) The optimal period for ground shooting is during dry seasons or

droughts, when many groups of horses are forced to congregate around areas with limited

access to water and feed.

Parks Victoria will shoot during Spring time when mares have foals at foot in direct

contravention of the Standard Operating Procedures.

Parks Victoria have routinely operated under a code of secrecy and flawed information to
justify their killing campaigns. The CSIRO states: Contemporary horse management requires
full public transparencyiii Parks Victoria rely on information to justify their reasons for killing
wild horses, however, the result of FOI requests by the ABA have proven that these
documents do not exist.

1) ABA requested (late 2020) under PV’s FOI process Location details of each highconservation priority location and criteria that PV used to define each highconservation priority location including classifications of each species expected to
benefit from shooting feral horses in these areas
PV FOI Reply…
No documents were found as requested

2) ABA requested (late 2020) under PV’s FOI process Copies of PV annual end of year
reports as stated in their 2018-2021 plan their commitment to end of year reports
late 2020.
PV FOI Reply…
No documents were found as requested.

3) ABA requested (late 2020) under PV’s FOI process A copy of the pre shooting
baseline data that Parks Victoria will use to compare with the post shooting data to
assess the effectiveness of the shooting of feral horses considered essential to be
conducted in these sensitive areas Parks Victoria have identified. Such pre and post
shooting data is essential for Parks Victoria’s quality control measures and provide
accountability to this taxpayer funded shooting exercise.
PV FOI Reply…
After making enquiries, there are no such documents meeting the terms of your request in

Parks Victoria is a state funded agency who uses tax payer money to conduct these killings.
Ministerial oversight is needed to justify the expenditure of tax-payer dollars, yet PV
continue to evade scrutiny and transparency and operate as a state funded killing entity.

The ABA is asking everyone to hold Parks Victoria to account for their actions and to #StopTheShoot. To justify their reasons for the shoot, to provide details and to work with local Brumby support groups to increase rehoming options.

Quote attributed to Jill Pickering, President of the ABA
“The ABA has long been advocating for Parks Victoria to work with Brumby support
agencies to find humane and long-lasting rehoming options for the Brumbies.”

Contact the ABA for comment: Jill P – 0400 558 772 or Justine C – 0411 494 987

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