Help the Kosi Brumbies

How you can help keep Brumbies living wild in the Kosciuszko National Park:

1. Read the ABA Press release …more

This is a Wild Horse Management Plan that will manage to extinction – Numbers as low as 600 or even 400 as stated in the NPWS plan will be extremely vulnerable to:

Future political changes and

Natural catastrophes such as drought and bushfire which could decimate the remaining 400-600 Brumbies. The 2003 catastrophic wild fires killed 64% of the total Brumby population; Kosi Brumbies (and populations in other States who follow NPWS lead) will be lost to future generations for ever.

I urge people to

Read the Kosciuszko National Park Draft Wild Horse Management Plan 2016


Reply on the Online form

Email your comments to:
Email your submission to:


Post your submission to:
The Project Officer
Kosciuszko National Park Wild Horse Management Plan Review
National Parks and Wildlife Service
PO Box 2228
Jindabyne NSW 2627.

Write separately to:

• The Hon. Mark Speakman, email and

• The Hon. Mike Baird, NSW Premier, , and

• Your local member of parliament (NSW local member if you live in NSW, or your local Federal member if you live outside NSW), because the timing of draft replies may overlap with a double disillusion of Federal Parliament.

Let these people know your views on Koscuiszko Brumbies and if you agree, call for a robust population of 5,000 Brumbies to continue living (except for fragile KNP areas) in the many healthy ecologies they currently live in; for future Australian generations to see living wild.

For inquiries, contact Jill Pickering or

2. Join one of the Australian Brumby Alliance Member groups by clicking on the slide show of member groups on the left side of this page or visiting our Meet our Members Page and emailing them direct. Joining an ABA member group will give you first hand understanding of what we do, how you can help retain a sustainable Brumby population living wild, without impacting their local environment.

3. Sign an online petition has been started and you can sign by clicking link below:

Stop Slaughter of Snowy Mountains Brumbies


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