Brumby shooting program opposed

A Parks Victoria program to shoot eastern Victoria’s alpine brumbies is being opposed by Gippsland East Nationals MP, Tim Bull, who believes there are better ways to manage numbers. A court challenge opposing the shooting of the horses was lost last week and the program is expected to commence later this month. “Everyone understands brumby numbers require monitoring and at times control measures will need to be implemented, but this can be done – as it has successfully in the past – through capture and rehoming,” said Mr Bull. “Brumbies have become part of our heritage and High-Country identity. They… Continue reading

18 May Parks Vic will commence shooting – WHAT YOU CAN DO

18th May 2020 Parks Victoria will begin shooting Victorian Alpine Brumbies at night, using infra red  sights and silencers.  We have been inundated with your questions of what you can do to help. PLEASE sign the petitions below: VICTORIAN Brumbies: CHANGE Petition – LINK – Can we get to 25,000 Australia Wide? Open to all Australians within Victoria or another state PARLIAMENT Petition (Andy Meddick to present when over 10,000 – LINK; Only open for Victorian residents as it targets the Victorian Government – nearly halfway – Need 10,000 URGENT by 29th May 2020 (see below to find… Continue reading


MEDIA ALERT FEDERAL COURT GIVES GO AHEAD FOR VICTORIA’S ALPINE BRUMBIES TO BE ANNIHILATED Friday 8th May 2020 Main stories: 1. Today in the Federal Court of Australia at Melbourne, the Australian Brumby Alliance (ABA) has lost its attempt to save Victoria’s Alpine Brumbies in a landmark case against Parks Victoria. Case: Australian Brumby Alliance Inc v Parks Victoria. Federal Court Case No.: VID1569/2018. 2. Parks Victoria now intends to start “ground shooting” Brumbies in (an activity that Parks Victoria acknowledges is unpopular in the community, and an activity that its existing management plan expressly promises will not occur) for… Continue reading

Fate of Vic Alpine Brumbies decided this Friday

NO decision yet – This is a “heads up” that His Honour (Justice O’Bryan) will deliver judgment on the (ABA vs ParksVic) Friday 8 May 2020. We have just days to go to see if Victorian Alpine heritage Brumbies will be exterminated, or if we win, that Parks Vic have to applied for permission to the Hon. Minister Ley (Federal Environment minister) to approve or deny Parks Victoria ‘s action under the EPBC Act. Action – If you have not already, sign both petitions below to demonstrate the need to preserve sustainable Brumby populations surviving in the wild. Jill Pickering,… Continue reading