Stakeholder Update – Kosciuszko National Park Wild Horse Management Plan

The Draft KNP Wild Horse Plan is expected late December 2015, then open for comment for January and February 2016. The final plan is due mid-2016 to detail the future direction of wild horses in KNP.

Please read the full details and mark your diaries for the Jan/Feb last chance to comment period. It is vital we end with a balanced and objective plan, and one that allows for Brumbies, in reasonable numbers, to continue living wild in KNP.

NPWS Stakeholder update KNP 1-1

Interestingly, KNP are working on a heritage values assessment.

Most people know that some social media sites have been used to personally attack and attempt to intimidate NPWS staff or others involved in NPWS wild horse management. This aggressive, antagonistic approach sets a poor example for Wild Horse Advocating. We will often have difference of opinions but that is no excuse to be dis-respectful. Wild Horses are an emotive issue, but we have made progress over the years, thanks to everyone’s efforts, let’s keep this progress on track – Jill Pickering

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