Draft Wild Horse Management Plan for Kosciuszko National Park released

At last the long awaited draft plan is now released and open for public comment until 8 July 2016.  A Media Release by the NSW Minister for the Environment states that it is intended to maintain a  permanent number of horses in the park with the aim of protected both the cultural and environmental heritage of the Park.

However it is planned to reduced horse numbers from 6000 to appoximately 600 in the next 20 years.
ABA notes in its own Press Release that :  “One wild fire will easily wipe out 600 Brumbies and result in the instant extinction of early settlement living history and the unique, genetically robust Wild Horses that have evolved for 200 years – being lost to future generations for ever.”

To view/download the full Media Release:  KNP Wild Horse Management

Or visit www.environment.nsw.gov.au/protectsnowies

The ABA and member groups are preparing their submissions to the draft plan so WATCH THIS SPACE!!!  In the meantime, you can view/download a copy of ABA’s Press Release on the draft plan release:

ABA Press Release – KNP horse plan 2 May 2016

And for a bit of background on the lead up to the release see our previous posts 


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