Feb 2021 KNP Wild Horse Management update

We encourage skilled Re-homers to apply to take horses from the trapping program that is detailed below. Kosciuszko National Park Wild Horse Management Stakeholder Update, February 2021 You are receiving this email because you have registered your interest or been identified as a key stakeholder in wild horse management in Kosciuszko National Park. We appreciate your interest and involvement. Post-bushfire control program The Kosciuszko National Park post-bushfire wild horse control program has recommenced for 2021. The summer 2019-2020 bushfires had a devastating impact on native wildlife throughout NSW. Control of wild horses in burnt areas and surrounding unburnt refuges continues… Continue reading

Kosi Brumbies

Kosciuszko National Park View Kosciuszko Brumby Gallery Managed by link:          National Parks & Wildlife Services (NPWS) https://www.nationalparks.nsw.gov.au/ Current Brumby plan:   https://www.environment.nsw.gov.au/research-and-publications/publications-search/2008-kosciuszko-national-park-horse-management-plan  (2008 horse plan) Inhabited area for:        Over 200 years. Population size 2020:    Approx.20,000 (last count 6,000)disputed by many local and others. Around 420 removed by trapping and trapping to continue under the 20 Current position:          Kosciuszko Wild Horse Heritage Act 2018 is in operation see link https://www.legislation.nsw.gov.au/view/pdf/asmade/act-2018-24 per the Act, the Community and the Scientific advisory panels are now finalising their recommendations to the NSW Environment Minister. Culling methods:          Currently passive trapping for Rehomer collection, those not collected are sent to abattoirs. Stakeholder groups:      Victorian Brumby Association (VBA)Plus others… Continue reading

Guy Fawkes Brumbies

Guy Fawkes River National Park Managed by:      National Parks & Wildlife Services (NPWS) https://www.nationalparks.nsw.gov.au/ Current Brumby plan:   Trapping & rehoming.  NPWS Horse Reference Committee established after the aerial slaughter of horses in 2000 meet yearly with stakeholders & land owners to oversee and plan future management. Inhabited area for:        150 years.  Horses drafted for the remount trade in both WW1 and WW1  Population size 2020: Varies according to seasonal changes, last aerial count approx. 1800 horses  Current position:          Plans are underway to recommence passive trapping and rehoming, delays due to COVID in 2020 Culling methods:          Currently passive trapping Stakeholder Groups:     Guy Fawkes Heritage Horse assoc.Save the Brumbies (STB) ABA lobby… Continue reading

Bago-Maragle Brumbies

Bago-Maragle State Forest Managed by:      Forest Corporation https://www.forestrycorporation.com.au/visit/forests/bago Current Brumby plan:   Managed by the Forest Corporation using passive trapping Inhabited area for:        150-200 years Population size 2020:    Approx. 1,000 (down from 2,616 in 2014) Current position:          Threatened due to fires, ongoing trapping & unauthorised Brumby kills Culling methods            Passive trapping ongoing, but reports of unauthorised Brumby kills. Stakeholder Groups:     Victorian Brumby Association (VBA)Help Our Old Friends Survive (HOOFs2010)Plus others  ABA lobby position:      TBC Continue reading