Guy Fawkes Brumbies

Guy Fawkes River National Park

Managed by:      
National Parks & Wildlife Services (NPWS)

Current Brumby plan:   
Trapping & rehoming.  NPWS Horse Reference Committee established after the aerial slaughter of horses in 2000 meet yearly with stakeholders & land owners to oversee and plan future management.

Inhabited area for:        
150 years.  Horses drafted for the remount trade in both WW1 and WW1 

Population size 2020
Varies according to seasonal changes, last aerial count approx. 1800 horses 

Current position:          
Plans are underway to recommence passive trapping and rehoming, delays due to COVID in 2020

Culling methods:          
Currently passive trapping

Stakeholder Groups:     
Guy Fawkes Heritage Horse assoc.
Save the Brumbies (STB)

ABA lobby position:      
Populations needs to be managed to sustainable levels by passive trapping and fertility control.

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