ABA Media Release – Brumby Bill

 ABA Media Release 26-May-2018

The Australian Brumby Alliance (ABA) was delighted to see the introduction of the Kosciuszko Wild Horse Heritage Bill 2018 (Brumby Bill) to the NSW Parliament this week. Vice President Madison Young says the recognition of the cultural heritage value of the Brumbies by parliament would go a long way towards ensuring humane and sustainable management of these iconic horses into the future.

“Once the fear of complete eradication is removed and unacceptable management tools ruled out, we can get on with the process of managing the population to the benefit of both the Brumbies and the Environment” she said.

We congratulate all those involved in the creation of the Bill, particularly Peter Cochran and John Barilaro, along with the support provided by the Hon. Gabrielle Upton in embracing this historic decision, but the fight is clearly not over yet with the Anti-Brumby movement increasing their pressure on politicians. The ABA encourages everyone who cares about the Kosciuszko National Park to call their local Member in the lead up to the debate and ask for their support to get this important Bill passed.

The ABA notes there was a disappointing level of hysteria from Anti-Brumby groups and some sectors of the media early last week before the full release of the Bill when it was falsely suggested that passing the Brumby Bill would lead to a “do nothing” approach.
“This bill does not rule out humane, appropriate management of the Brumbies, only the senseless killing of them” says Young, an Environmental Scientist herself who says the ABA, who has always campaigned on behalf of both the environment and the brumbies, was pleased with the balance struck by the Bill.

“Suggestions this bill would preference brumbies over the environment are completely incorrect”. This bill simply ensures that both the heritage value of Kosciuszko’s Wild Horses and the environmental values of the park be protected together, it’s a win-win.”

The ABA, a national body for the recognition, management, preservation and welfare of Australian Wild Horses (Brumbies). For further information contact the ABA Vice President, Ms Madison Young on 0428-181-643 or visit


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ABA Brumby Bill Media Release 26-May-18

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