Vic Legislative Council passes motion to cease shooting Brumbies in National Parks

From Bill Tiley MP (3 June 2020)


Late today the Legislative Council in the Parliament of Victoria moved and passed a motion to cease the Labor Government and Parks Victoria’s policy of shooting Brumbies in our National Parks.

It is a significant step for all of us who have fought to save these iconic high-country horses.

This vote in effect says and sends a very clear message to both the Labor Government and Parks Victoria to get back to the table and engage and consult with Victorians. To engage and consult with the organisations who have in the past and are willing to continue into the future to offer solutions that balance the environmental imperatives and the cultural and historical significance of these horses. I too am ready to engage in that process in a mature and considered way in order to find an appropriate way to manage our brumby population.

Some of those organisations have been pleading with the Government and Parks Victoria to do just that including and not exclusive to; Australian Brumby Alliance, Alpine Brumby Management Assoc, Benambra Brumby Runners, Barmah Brumby Preservation Group, Australian Brumby Association,
Victorian Brumby Association plus a number of other qualified professional horse breakers and managers.

This is a small victory in this battle but we should celebrate and acknowledge all those people from all walks of life, from across the nation and indeed the globe who have stood up to be counted, who have continued to offer reasoned debate in the face of the massive and well-oiled machinery of government.

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Thanks Marlo and Beyond – Images of Australia by Helmut Kummer for the images


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