Eastern Victorian Alps Brumbies

Eastern Victorian Alps  (SE VicAlps to NSW Kosciuszko border)

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Managed by:          
Parks Victoria 

Current Brumby plan:   
Protection Alpine National Park Feral Horse Strategic Action Plan 2018–2021 https://s3.ap-southeast-2.amazonaws.com/hdp.au.prod.app.vic-engage.files/8815/2757/7404/Alpine-NP-Feral-Horse-SAP-2018-21.pdf

Inhabited area for:        
200 plus years

Population size 2020:    
Unknown: Locals dispute last count of 5,000 and many report 100s shot during 2020; plus up to 200 trapped since last count.
Current position:          
Critically threatened (ALL Brumbies to be exterminated by Christmas 2021; Decreed by Vic government and Parks Victoria.

Culling methods:          
Trap to rehoming capacity and ground shoot ALL Brumbies not rehomed.

Stakeholder Groups:     
Victorian Brumby Association (VBA)
Plus others. 

ABA lobby position:      
Retention of 1,500 to 2,000 Brumbies in sustainable areas that ensure key sub populations are retained at genetically viable levels.

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