Bogong Brumbies

Bogong High Plains (most southern part of the Australian Alps)

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Managed by:                
Parks Victoria 

Current Brumby plan:   
Protection Alpine National Park Feral Horse Strategic Action Plan 2018–2021 

Inhabited area for:        
200 plus years.

Population size 2020:    
84 plus (same area carried over 1,000 horses, cattle and sheep to around the end of 1999. All grazing ceased by 1999 and the area destocked, leaving 200 or so Brumbies behind.  Parks Victoria started trapping for rehoming but many ended at abattoirs. Current plan is to exterminate all Brumbies.

Current position:          
Critically threatened: ALL Brumbies to be exterminated by 2021; Decreed by Vic government and Parks Victoria.

Culling methods:          
Trap to rehoming capacity and ground shoot ALL Brumbies not rehomed.

Stakeholder Groups:     
Victorian Brumby Association (VBA) 
Plus others. 

ABA lobby position:      
Retain Barmah Brumby population between 150-200.

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