Night Shooting Planned for Victoria’s Alpine Heritage Brumbies


Imagine this. It’s late at  night, and in the cool dark, a herd of horses – pregnant mares, yearlings from last year’s foals, old horses, young horses, and the herd’s stallions with the bachelor herds nearby, are quietly grazing.  Suddenly, a shot rings out, and a mare goes down, the herd panics at the sound    and begins to run –  not knowing they are surrounded by ground shooters using thermal imaging and noise suppressors to pinpoint where their targets are.

It is unclear how Parks intend to humanely ground shoot a Brumby at night, or how they will locate an injured Brumby to humanely euthanase (as they are expected to) – furthermore what is  the environmental impact of leaving rotting   carcasses on the ground?

Not every death will be  quick and none of them will be painless. Not one of the deaths is necessary. With the support of Brumby Rehoming groups and concerned animal welfare activists a management plan for Brumbies is easily achievable.

View the whole article:  Protect Our Heritage Brumby MEDIA RELEASE

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