How and Where to Send Kosciuszko Wild Horse Plan Submissions

We are down to “people power” now – so it is vital that as many people as possible reply to the draft plan by 19-Aug-16. The draft plan has recognised the Heritage Status of the Snowy Brumby, but then advised actions that will inevitably lead to their extinction from the next wild fire.

A major inconsistency with granting Snowy Brumby heritage status is that the next major wild fire will shrink Brumby numbers to below a genetically viable level, leaving in-breeding to complete their extinction (in 2003 fire killed 64% of all Brumbies and many other flora and fauna). To ensure a viable, sustainable population that will not compromise KNP ecology, we need 4,000 Brumbies to continue living in areas they have inhabited for 200 years.

Read the Kosciuszko National Park Draft Wild Horse Management Plan 2016
Focus thoughts on how you want to respond to KNP.
Review as many facts as possible,
Check ABA Information papers on Such as:

2.1 The Origin of Australia’s Wild Horses
3.1 The Brumby, the Environment and the Management Debate
3.5 Brumby Manure Concerns
3.6 Brumby Bio-Diversity Values
3.7 Brumby Weed Concerns
3.8 Brumby Water Quality and Erosion Concerns
4.3 Dartmoor National Park England
5.1 Humaneness of Current Brumby Management Options
5.2 Overview of Wild Horse Fertility Control
6.1 Principles of Rehoming Brumbies

Write your response, anything from one paragraph to several pages.

Reply using the Online form :


Email your comments/submission to:


Post your comments/submission to:
The Project Officer, Kosciuszko National Park Wild Horse Management Plan Review
National Parks and Wildlife Service, PO Box 2228, Jindabyne NSW 2627.


Write to Mike Baird, Mark Speakman (and your local member) & the NPWS Director below:

  • The Hon Mike Baird, NSW Premier

Fill in form:

Ministerial Office Address: Level 40, Governor Macquarie Tower, 1 Farrer Place, Sydney NSW 2000

  • Mark Speakman, NSW Environment Minister – to NPWS

Fill in form:

Post: Locked Bag 2, Kings Cross NSW 1340

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