Examples of what park environmental studies do not include

The Australian Brumby Alliance (ABA) supports sustainable Brumby populations in healthy park environments and believes it is very likely that moderate Wild Horse grazing levels do in fact have positive impacts on most park environments.

However, before determining what horse population level/density is acceptable, it is essential to quantify the percentage of other factors that can influence negative impacts, such as:

  • Natural elements such as, severe wild fires, wind, frost, climate change;
  • Other species, such as pigs, deer, goats, rabbits, kangaroos, wallabies; and
  • Humans such as 4WDs, hikers, cyclists, miners, Snowy Hydro Scheme, resorts etc.

Beavis (2002) reported for example :

“Australian studies are extremely limited with significant constraints for wider application due to poor experimental design, site specific conditions or inadequate analysis of results.”

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